Cadillac Lease vs. Buy

Cadillac Lease vs. Buy in Cocoa, FL, Near North Melbourne (Viera) & Rockledge

If you’re wondering “Should I lease or buy my new Cadillac?” Mike Erdman Cadillac in Cocoa, FL ‐ near North Melbourne (Viera), Rockledge, Merritt Island, and Titusville ‐ can help you make your decision. Keep reading the information below to see the benefits and outweigh the costs of buying or leasing a new vehicle.

Should I lease my new Cadillac?

Choosing to lease your new Cadillac will give you the freedom to explore different models with shorter term periods and lower payment plans. When you lease a vehicle, you’re only paying for the portion of time you actually use it. This means that your payments will likely be lower and the initial down payment can be lower as well. The important thing to consider when leasing a vehicle is the number of miles you typically drive because there are limits and fees for going over the agreed upon amount of mileage. You also won’t be able to customize your vehicle unless you choose to buy it at the end of your lease term, which is a viable option. If you want to try out a new vehicle, you can complete the lease-end process and sign a new lease for the latest model on your wish list.

Should I buy my new Cadillac?

If ownership is a major concern to you, we highly suggest buying your new Cadillac rather than leasing it. Ownership gives you the ability to drive as many miles as you want and to customize your vehicle for a personal touch. At the end of your payment plan, you fully own the vehicle and receive the title for it. You might have higher payments than a lease would, but in the end, the vehicle is yours to keep. You also won’t have to deal with overage fees for going over your mileage allowance like a lease. Adding accessories and new parts can increase your driving enjoyment and simplify your morning commute. These are only options if you choose to buy rather than lease.

Our Finance Center has fully-trained staff members who would be happy to sit down and talk about buying vs. leasing with you. Just call Mike Erdman Cadillac today to set up your financial appointment.

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